Coordinate ancillary care services including but not limited to home health care, adult day care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and hearing therapy to ensure individuals receive appropriate, licensed, and safe care from other professionals. Facilitate multidisciplinary conferences with providers to ensure medications and treatments are streamlined to avoid duplicate or contradictory medical care. Assist in referrals to assisted living or skilled nursing facilities when deemed appropriate. Coordinate and facilitate non-medical services including but not limited to trust attorneys, financial advisers, fiduciaries, real estate agents, or reverse mortgage professionals. Provide caregiver support and education to family members. Market services to general public, medical professionals, financial and legal professionals, employers, and property managers via networking activities, direct mail, seminars and presentations. Eldercare Mediator Mediate eldercare issues including but not limited to care plan protocols, living arrangements, care responsibilities, and/or financial obligations/protocols with aging adults and their families. Facilitate discussion between disputants with the intention of reaching mutually beneficial agreements who are engaged in a business related conflicts involving an elderly individual. This can include, but is not limited to caregiver-caregiver, family-caregiver, or elderly individual-business disputes.

About Aging Focused Care Management and Mediation

Aging Focused Care Management and Eldercare Mediation, San Diego, CA Geriatric Care Management Provide care management services to aging and disabled individuals. Complete home evaluations to assist families in creating a better living environment for all. Attend doctor and related appointments to assist individuals and families with understanding and complying with medical diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plans. 

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Aging Life Care Management and Mediation

AGING fOCUSED Care management services

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