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Many elder care professionals are available to provide information and education about various services. Their role is to advocate for the older adult and not necessarily to be an impartial facilitator. Complicated conflicts often best are referred to an elder mediator.

Resolution is more easily achieved the earlier the parties can be convened. A meeting that is facilitated before resentment becomes deep-seated typically leads to a solution that meets everyone’s interests.

Of course, families often will not commit to a process that sounds so difficult – until the situation becomes untenable.

The right time to seek an elder mediator is when:

  • You have things to say, but no way to say them.
  • The situation is not ideal for the older adults (or for any other people, either!)
  • Nothing has worked (so far) to resolve the situation.

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When to get mediation

Conflict impacts the ability for older adult(s) to receive the best possible care or for family members to maintain a cordial relationship. There are many reasons why care is not ideal – inability to make appropriate decisions, different levels of acceptance or denial of decreasing physical/cognitive ability, lack of adequate caregiver support, support that is not in sync, difficult family relationships and/or resistance of older adults.

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Aging Life Care Management and Mediation